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Our CMS can help you build exciting, delightful content, resulting in more conversions and lead generation.


The essential elements of an effective CMS

Ease of use

The CMS we will use for your web project will be carefully designed to ensure it is simple to operate for regular and even complex tasks. We appreciate that the majority of CMS users are not programmers and they don’t want to feel they are operating a tool for developers. We keep things clear, and to the point, and in addition provide on-going support.


Built for Singapore market

Our approach to CMS functionality is to make websites work for the specific requirements of Singapore businesses and organizations. Our web design team can place you onto a content management system coded from our office in Suntech.

Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly

Ranking well in major search engines like Google is critically important to the vast majority of our clients. Unless the CMS that powers a website is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly it will be all but impossible to rank well in the all-important search results.

Free security and browser compatibility upgrades

Nothing stays the same when it comes to the online environment. One of the unique benefits we offer our clients is free CMS security and browser compatibility patches for the life of their website.


When visiting your website, some customers want a personalized experience. Others want information that’s easily accessible. If your website doesn’t deliver, they’re unlikely to return. Use our CMS to build well-designed, functional websites that cater to your target audiences — no matter what they want — and create a first impression that keeps them coming back.

Features like most popular content, real-time search, email marketing, user-based ratings and social elements are just a handful of the functionality you can use in our CMS.

Customized CMS for You

Simplicity and Convenience

If you are looking for simplicity and convenience to manage your website or eCommerce website. Subzero Lab has developed state of the art Content Management System (CMS) for all users. All in all, Subzero Lab can integrate any bespoke feature through CMS website development services to facilitate the change. Depending upon client requirement of content, images, videos in the website within seconds.

SEO friendly

CMS website development services are laid on the principles of effective SEO principles. At the same time optimized code and periodic updates of changes according to recommendations from Google algorithms. The active SEO module makes it easy to work: META-tagging, image optimization, notification of changes to the settings, splicing domains, automatic tracking of page movements, and generation of the sitemap and robot.txt files.

User Friendly CMS Website Management

In the world of internet marketing, content is regarded as the king. The right content published at the right time is capable of doing wonders for your business. However, many things stand in way of businesses deriving the maximum advantage of content right from adding, publishing, assigning, maintenance, management, changes, reviewing of the content in addition to the skills/ expertise of the team etc.

Freedom to Manage

Our website design and development services in Singapore make it easier for you to add pages, news and blog posts along with updating these and managing your business website. Businesses that are currently searching for website development in Singapore are welcomed to contact us to know more about how we can be of help to them. As a professional website development service provider, we understand that businesses are in need of both ability and ease to execute changes on the website.

CMS Security

CMS is coupled with an encrypted code and passes the constant control of the safety of website development services. For this reason, your business website is 100% secured from hacking or Spams and viruses.

Easy Website Management

Normally any user without advanced computer skills can perform the changes in content and also upload images & YouTube videos on the website. As we say to our clients that if you can use Facebook than you can use our CMS for your business website management. Our CMS allows different levels of permissions. In short, you don’t need any maintenance contract to update your website.


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