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We offer the highest quality digital scans available from your slides, negatives and photos. We use the highest quality professional 48 bit colour film scanners, with a choice of output resolution options in JPEG and TIFF, to get the best from your images. In addition, our technicians can apply their considerable skills and experience to further optimize each image according to your requirements.

Photo/Film Negative and Transparency Scanning in Singapore


Digital conversion of your negatives and transparencies gives you the ability to share all those fun memories from the past. Now everyone in your family can have their own copy of all those great pictures to enjoy. We scan most sizes of negatives and transparencies including 35mm and half frame 35mm, 126, and medium and large format film. We scan both color and black & white negatives and transparencies. As your film is scanned, we correct for color, density and contrast and then burn the scanned images to CD or DVD.

Many of the slides and negatives we handle are over 50 years old, often with faded colours and affected by mould. This does not mean though that they’re not worth scanning, it is the content of the image after all that is important and only you can decide that.

Please note that negatives are always the better source rather than photos. If you still have the original negatives we can obtain better quality from the negatives as the light passes through a negative whereas light is reflected off a photo in the scanning process. Photos that have turned brown through age cannot be reversed to their original colour but we would have more success with the original negative.

If you require a scanning service for any size negatives or transparencies, YES we can do that


Negative & Transparency Scanning

  • All reflective media scanned with top quality Epson V800 reflective scanner
  • All scans are 16bit & supplied at 300 ppi with Adobe RGB (1998) embedded
  • All files are scanned with our Imacon FlexTight 949 diffuse-light drum scanner
  • Scans include minor colour & density adjustments and will be available for upload, copied to CD or your supplied USB on receipt of payment.
  • Service Time: 1 to 3 days.

We scan your negatives in your choice of resolution file format (JPEG / TIFF) at no extra cost. By default your negatives will be scanned at 4800 DPI into JPEG format, if you have different requirements please let us know in the special instructions of our order page or when you speak to us on the phone.


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