Digitization of Medical Records Singapore

Converting paper records to digital images eliminates the labour costs associated with filing and retrieving paper records. For most hospitals with high daily outpatient activity, pulling and filing paper patient records requires significant work

Digitization of Medical Records and Medical Records Scanning in Singapore


Digitization & Maintaining a medical digital records can be a difficult task for people who are not tech-savvy. Patient records being sensitive information, data security will always be a concern. Patient information such as personal details, doctor appointments, diagnoses, prescriptions, payment and reimbursements, insurance claims. Comprehensive Hospital data such as In-patient and Out-patient history, Birth and Death registration, Patient discharge details and settlements, Lab test results, Equipment details and Account management details.

Data Security: Digital data is always at risk of malicious attacks, but that’s not to say that physical files are completely impervious. There is always the possibility of losing medical records to unexpected situations such as natural disasters or negligence.

Communication Between Doctors: Few patients have medical conditions that require them to seek the help of different specialists. It is of utmost importance that the different specialists maintain a constant stream of communication to design the overall best medical plan for the patient. With the help of constant information sharing, the specialists will also know what’s working and where progress is being made. This is not a rare scenario and this is an area where digitization can definitely assist doctors in doing their effectively and efficiently.

Doctor-Patient Coordination: Digitization makes it easier for patients to maintain a history. Gone are the days when you had to maintain a physical file on every doctor’s appointment. Medical history is critical in emergency situations when a physical copy may not be available. In this case, digitization helps by keeping the doctors informed about the patient’s medical history in every situation.

Digitization of Medical Records


  • Storage & Access
  • Cost & Time Saving
  • Data Security
  • Easy Readability
  • Data Accuracy

We use our own transport your medical records to our location for processing, which adds an extra layer of protection to the scanning process.


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