10 Critical Questions You Don’t Want From Your Website Visitors

A lot of companies direct some of their resources towards web development that can be used towards company growth. But…

10-critical-questions-siteA lot of companies direct some of their resources towards web development that can be used towards company growth. But the question is, does it really drive the company towards greater heights or does it just add to the expenses that the company owes?

Here are some questions you don’t want your site visitors asking:

1. “What should I click now?”

One common error which tells you that your website is inefficient is when your visitor finds it hard to jump into the next step. Creating a user-friendly website and something that can be easily navigated will allow your visitor to stay longer. This in turn pushes your analytics higher from other sites that have vague directions.

2. “What is this website all about?”

It can sometimes be tempting to go for existing templates and stock images that can be readily accessed on the net. But one question you need to ask when developing your website is if it really represents or exhibits what you want to impart on your visitors. Does it represent what your company envisions? Going for vague images, using flashy backdrops, and undecipherable fonts can all turn your visitors away the instance that your page loads up.

3. “How do I go back?”

It is often frustrating when you cannot find your way back when you are in the midst of reading something. Developing an intuitive and navigable website will keep your visitors engaged while at the same time provide them with a user friendly atmosphere that will surely warrant a repeat visit.

4. “Do they have….”

An important factor you should consider when developing a website is the accessibility of a search function that can be utilized in cases when your visitors have questions. You may not have the answers to all their questions, but giving them alternatives when that happens will not leave your visitors wondering. It is also important not to sacrifice the functionality of your website versus its overall appeal.

5. “Am I on a different site now?”

Website design consistency is definitely one important element of an effective homepage. What this means is that your website has to have a uniform look all throughout the pages. Going for one look after another will just confuse your visitors into thinking that they are on a different site and will be less likely come back.


6. “Where do I start reading?”

Overcrowding your landing page with tons of information will just confuse the visitor. When your visitor gets confused with your site, they are more likely to look for a coherent and straightforward website. Strike your visitors with the exact information they need and leave non-essential info on other pages which they can click.

7. “Why are they getting so much information?”

You wouldn’t want your users to think that you are invading their privacy by getting so much information. It is crucial to stick only with vital information needed to close the transaction. Leave unnecessary information out otherwise your visitors would think that you are violating their privacy rights.

8. “Why am I not reading the words correctly?”

This commonly becomes the problem with most websites because of incorrect use of fonts and font size. Sometimes font colors and background colors are also the reason why some words are unreadable. Developing an effective website means that it has to be readable all throughout. This is the reason why it is sometimes important to get help from other people so they can give you a better perspective.

9. “Why is this website so different?”

Functionality-wise, you would want your website to look just like every other site. Although, you have to make it look different from the rest to make it stand out. You need to understand that people are more likely to visit a site that they are familiar with. This means having the same functionality that a conventional website has.

10. “Why do I find it hard to navigate this site on my device?”

With mobile technology leading our day-to-day life, you need to understand that having a mobile responsive web design will help give users a better browsing experience which in turn have better engagements and call-to-actions.

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