10 new web design improvements you can do to increase engagement in your site

Nowadays, there is undeniably a high demand for web design services in the e-commerce industry. A lot of company owners…

10-new-web-design-improvements-you-can-do-to-increase-engagement-in-your-siteNowadays, there is undeniably a high demand for web design services in the e-commerce industry. A lot of company owners are considering hiring the services of professional web designers to help them in building their sites. Having said this, it is only proper to declare that the costs for e-commerce web design for entrepreneurs are also starting to go up. This only means that web design is a big thing in this digital age.

As a business owner, you need to ensure that the fees you will pay for the design of your site will not go to waste. Understand these 10 new web design improvements and take advantage of them today.

  1. Free Stock Images

There are many free stock images on the net nowadays that you can take advantage of.
Do not hesitate to do it when it is necessary. However, always remember that you must be careful in choosing the stock images. You have to understand that these images are uploaded online and made available to everyone. Hence, there is a high tendency that other websites are also using it.

  1. Find the Right Endorser

With many sites using this method to justify the legitimacy of their product offerings, you too have to keep up to this, as it is important to show validation for your website. You need to show to your potential clients that your products and services are of high value.

  1. Show Different Features

Avoid using photos that are dull or monochromatic. If you want to highlight the special features of the products, do it the right way. Show these features by uploading different photos.

  1. Use Rotatable Images

Give your customers the chance to look at different views of your product. To do this, use photos that can be rotated easily.

  1. Use High Quality Pictures

What you need to do here is to utilize the availability of “arrows” and point them to certain products. It is also highly recommended to use images that have people on it.

  1. Put Images on Search Window

A particular site visitor may be looking for a particular product only. Give him the satisfaction of finding the right item immediately by adding images on your search window. By doing this, it makes it easier for the said individual to search for an item.

  1. Use Audio

You could add background music and animated sounds to grab the attention of your viewers. Do not over do this, and avoid having a background music that does not give the option for users to opt out of this experience.

  1. Step Out of The Box

People always want to see something new. Try to be adventurous in uploading images on your site. Avoid posting pictures that are boring or do not offer any value to your target market. Look for something extraordinary.

  1. Have Actual People

This is quite easy. It can be a good thing to post images that have a human touch on them. As much as possible, try to find good photos of people who are using your products.

  1. Provide Comparison

It would be useful to provide a comprehensive chart for users to compare the prices and features of your products, so that they are able to make a clear and confident decision of their purchase.

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