Adding Personal Touch To Your Website

User experience is something that is on the mind of many website owners. Time and time again many have struggled…


User experience is something that is on the mind of many website owners. Time and time again many have struggled with designing a website that provides that personal touch to customers. Why the need for personal touch? The short answer is that it helps you connect with your target audience and it helps to come across as relatable rather than static.

As a business owner, your primary objective is to increase sales and profits. Since this can only be done with a good user experience on your site, it is important that you know how to make it happen. You can add a personal touch to your website. When site visitors can see that your website is not all about techy stuff, then would become more interested in connecting with your company. The reason behind this is because they can associate to anything that has a personal touch on it.

Handwritten Visual Content

To achieve a website that has a personal touch; the first thing that you can do is to use freehand drawing, handwritten visual content and sketched elements. Show some personality and rawness in your site. After all, pictures that are taken from photos suppliers online can at times be boring and one dimensional.

Show Some Personality Through Story Telling

Have you ever seen a website where consistently throughout every page, there is a cartoon character in it? You might say that that brand is able to do that because their products are all catered to children. However, it is not so much the product that they are trying to promote, but the story that they are telling to their audience. Story telling helps you to communicate attributes of your brand to your users in a more engaging manner.

Its All About Appearance

More than just trying to create a consistent look throughout all of your web pages, think of the color themes that you would like your website to have. Use brighter colors to communicate your vibrant personality or stick to classic color theme of white, black and just a little variation of other colors to show some class.

Show Your Work

Don’t be afraid to show examples of your work. Show your customers that you are able to work with a wide range of clients. Or you could also show your customers that your brand is exclusive and mostly caters to a certain group of audience. Either way, don’t be afraid to give your potential clients a taste of what you can do for them.

Show Your Team

Sometimes, providing some pictures of your team helps to assure customers that there is a real person taking care of their work and project. In addition, they are more likely to contact you, knowing that there will be someone to pick up the phone and answer them.

Engage and invite

It is also important to know that when it comes to selecting images to feature on your website. Try to feature pictures taken by your team, because it shows authenticity and originality. Show your users that your pictures aren’t just there for the sake of being there. Communicate a message through your images, and even better, invite them to engage with it. The additional things you could do are: placing a comment section where they can interact with your brand, a chat box to talk to your customer service employees or even a social page where they can interact with other users.


Instead of presenting your products’ benefits up front, spark your users’ curiosity by asking them a few questions and show them you can solve them using your products. Offer them some simple tricks and tips that no one has ever thought of.

In conclusion, always remember that too much of everything is not necessarily a good thing. Put in mind that you need to let it happen naturally. Avoid overdoing it to the point that it will appear as if you are forced to incorporate a personal touch on the website.

The web design space if really changing. Why not get the help of a web design agency and seek their guidance to help you to improve your CMS web design, the quality of your website, and add that personal touch to it.

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