Avoid Having These Features on Your Website

Are you planning to create your own website? Do you want to make this site more appealing to the eyes…


Are you planning to create your own website? Do you want to make this site more appealing to the eyes of the online visitors and make it more interesting for them? When it comes to ecommerce web development, the first thing to consider is design. It is important that you focus on the overall look of the site and the functions found within its pages.

Read on to find out the features that you should never include on your site.

Too Many Open Windows

People are always annoyed when a new window is opened every time they click a link on your site. Take note that this is acceptable when it is an external link. However, if the visitor clicks on an internal link found on your ecommerce site, then you need to make sure that it will load on the same window. Otherwise, there is a high tendency for the user who is opening the site to get annoyed. The option to open a link on a new tab or window should always be given to the user. Avoid making this decision for them.

Pop Ups Everywhere

Did you know that one of the things that really cause irritation to every site visitor is seeing too many pop ups? Can you imagine opening the homepage of a site and when you click “Enter”, a pop up window opens immediately? It causes the user much irritation when the user has to spend time closing windows when they engage with your site. Remember that no one likes closing pop-up windows when browsing through any online page.

Music That Comes From Nowhere

So you have set up almost everything for your site. The content is great; the design is amazing. Now, you have decided to add another element which is music. As much as possible, avoid having this in your site. The likelihood that your user will close your site automatically is high, especially if the person is accessing the website in a quiet area such as the library or office. To avoid this, never add in background music to your site

Difficult Pages To Find

Creating an easy navigation system is a must when it comes to Singapore web development. The goal here is to ensure that any website visitor can navigate from one page to another without experiencing any glitches. This means that the pages, links and buttons must be spotted easily on your website. First of all, the color of the links found on your site must be highly visible or you could also provide emphasis to those links; an “underline” or “bold” text feature will do. Moreover, the menus on the site must be arranged in an organised manner. Avoid having too many sub menus that may confuse your site visitor.

In maintaining a website, always avoid the things mentioned above. The last thing that you would do is to annoy or irate your visitors who could be an existing customer or a potential client. The longer they will stay on the ecommerce website, the higher chance of converting these visits to online sales.

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