4 Essential Features For An Amazing Landing Page

Designing an effective landing page should be one of the key focuses during a web design process. This is because…

Designing an effective landing page should be one of the key focuses during a web design process. This is because the purpose of a landing page is to persuade a user to take action; be it make a purchase or to enquire about your services.

The truth is, it can be challenging to create a good landing page design concept in today’s competitive business landscape.

In this article, we are going to provide four essential features that you should incorporate into your landing page to drive conversions and sales.

1. Attention Grabbing Headline.

First impression counts. The first thing users will come across is your headline. A poor headline might not be noticed at all while a compelling headline has the ability to lock itself it the user’s mind. A well-written headline should be able to grab user’s attention and bring them towards the rest of the content that you want the user’s to consume.

2. Call to Action

This is a very important element that you should also seek to improve and optimize. CTA directs user to take action. Ultimately, we are looking to improve immediate or long-term conversions with a powerful CTA button. For that to happen, you must pay attention the design, text and position of the CTA button to facilitate conversions on your site.

3. Visuals

As mentioned, the landing page of the site is the first thing that online visitors will see. Every second that a user spends on your site counts. Visuals such as info graphics or images will really help to grab hold of their attention. This is because visual elements will help to make your landing page to look more appealing. It helps you to bring out the message that you are trying to convey.

4. Value proposition

However, there is no point investing in a visually appealing site without crafting out a strategy to convey your value proposition. Often, the value proposition is the deal-breaker that makes all the difference between convincing a user to buy or to leave a site. Thus, it is essential that your value proposition is prominently displayed to entice users to convert.

These are the 4 most important features that you must get right. With that being said, you should also remember that there are other elements that will contribute to a successful landing page. Thus, do not restrict yourself to only these 4 elements and think of other ways to improve your current landing page.

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