Hosting Your Own Website May Not Be a Good Idea

Self-hosting your site might appear like a good idea especially because it seems like it will save you some cash….

Self-hosting your site might appear like a good idea especially because it seems like it will save you some cash. As a beginner entrepreneur, freelancer, or a non-profit site admin, there are various situations that may bend you towards hosting the site on an always-on PC located in your basement or on an ever-powered server in your workplace.

Regardless of the circumstances, it’s never wise to opt for on-premise hosting because of the many reasons we are going to highlight in this article. This is a piece of info that business decision makers and those in ecommerce web development should take into account while dealing with any web design company Singapore. To avoid the negative consequences that come with on-premise hosting or self-hosting. Check the below facts:

On-Premise Hosting is Not Reliable

Web hosting comes with other responsibilities such as dealing with downtime and service outages. If you take the task yourself, it is good to realize you have fewer options when it comes to dealing with such challenges. When the power goes out in a residential or a typical business location, you cannot predict the length of time it would take to resume, it could be minutes, a few hours or even some days if the problem is bigger.

There are also chances of someone pulling the wrong cord, a child interfering with a power cable, the PC crashing due to software failures or a careless employee spilling some drink on the server. Even if your server is caged in a dedicated room, you still have to battle with eventualities such as internet service outage or plumbing leak. How you can counter such situations is seeking assistance from a well-equipped web design company in Singapore.

Self-Hosting Has Obstacles

When trying to host your website at home, your internet service provider (ISP) may from time to time supply you with blocked port 80 messages. That happens even if you have a business class service pack. So, why does that happen? It is because most internet traffic defaults at port 80 when you are trying on-premise hosting. Moreover, you’ll require a static IP address, which will mean additional costs for your ISP.

Self-Hosting Your Website Broadens Security Risks

The internet has never been without risks. However, when you self-host your site, you widen the doors of insecurity especially when you are not even sure of what you are doing. You must have heard of attack stories on both big and small websites all over the world, and the best way of dealing with that is focusing on secure hosing when you are engaging in ecommerce web development.

What are benefits of paid hosting?

There are many benefits of dealing with a hosting company:

  • The service provider gives you backup and data retrieval services
  • You benefit from peripheral equipment such as router, switch and special software, at no extra cost
  • Better internet connectivity
  • You also get a static IP in the same service package plan

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