Promising Web Design Trends To Expect in 2017

Promising Web Design Trends To Expect in 2017 2016 was a year where we saw an influx of unconventional and…

2016 was a year where we saw an influx of unconventional and unique web designs, raising the bar to the next level in the new year. With 2017 underway, we can expect more creative and breakthrough web designs to transpire. The internet as we know will be a major influence on how the future will be shaped. With that in mind, here are some key website design trends we expect to see in 2017.



Content is king, and will continue to be so in 2017. Websites with informative and useful contents will help to drive more traffic to your website which in turn will translate to real revenue for your business. In the new year, we suggest that you revisit the content of your website and tick the checklist of the following parameters: (1) is the content informative for your client, (2) is the information relevant to what users are searching for, and (3) does it create a call-to-action. With quality content, we are confident your clients will be more engaged and give trust to the products and services that you provide.


Creative Designs

With prevailing trends towards mobile responsive designs, we saw more websites becoming generic in appearances. Websites with no unique features will not make you stand out from the crowded marketplace. 2017 will be a year where website owners demand more unique website designs that captivates the target clients.


Geometrical Designs

Geometrical designs are going to take centre stage for websites in 2017. Using simple lines and patterns make the website more eye-catching, giving it a flair of character. These features will be a major factor in presenting a modern, up-to-date image to your customers.



Heading styles are indisputably important. 2017 will see heading styles moving away from the conventional layouts and leaning towards more fanciful designs. In some cases, going without a heading is an unorthodox but a tasteful way of a web design layout.



Duotone gradients are popular, bringing back some of the visual interest lost by the flat web design that took over in the last few years. Many large and prominent brands got rid of the flat colour schemes and replaced it with duotone gradients to differentiate themselves, giving the website a more refreshing feel.



GIFs and animation are making their way back to web design this year. More and more websites are using GIFs to showcase features and processes, while others use SVG and CSS to create unique animations. Putting these together, the result is even better than having a video on the website.


Simplified Navigation

Simple navigation helps to create a better user experience for clients, especially for many of us who use mobile phone to access websites. With a more streamlined navigation, it helps users to find the relevant content easier and faster.



Each subtle way in which customers interact with your website should be carefully planned, achieving a specific purpose. 2017 will see more sophisticated opportunities for micro-interaction between your customers and your websites. These will include scrolling effects, sliders, toggle switches, like buttons, and more. Micro-interactions consist of a trigger that prompts the interaction, rules that determine the results of the action, feedback for the person who took action, and loops that establish meta-rules.1

1What Is Microinteraction?


Hand-drawn Elements

Something rather new to online designers is the use of hand-drawn elements. Hand-drawn fonts, icons, and other graphic elements will help make websites stand out from their competition. This presents a unique design element to standard web pages, offering a fresh appearance and eye-catching detail.


Increased Importance of Landing Pages

This coming year, landing pages will become more important than the home page. This is partly to do with the importance of content marketing. While the home page will still be important, the ability to target marketing efforts will result in landing pages that are more tailored to the individual tastes of the customers that have been reached. Whether you use click-through pages or landing pages2, customers will land on a page that has been designed specifically for them, which will increase conversion rates.

2Wikipedia (What is a landing page)

While the best is yet to come, 2017 will definitely see some astounding websites that will pave way for greater creativity and uniqueness in near future.

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