The “Four Gift” Rule for Marketers

The “Four Gift” rule is often employed by parents to limit gifts for their children based on something they want,…

Small Colorful Gift Boxes With Ribbon Bows On Gray Background. PThe “Four Gift” rule is often employed by parents to limit gifts for their children based on something they want, need, wear, and read. These incentives can also be employed in the marketing context to develop a successful digital campaign that captures audience attention.

1) A want

We often want something that is exciting and fun, be it when we were young or when we are old. Taking advantage of the “fun factor” allows your audience to be drawn into your site. For example, you can post interesting short quizzes in your website. By testing viewers on a specific subject or industry, it keeps people engaged. While doing that, your key brand messages can be inserted in between or at the end of each activity. If possible, a reward should be given to motivate viewers to stay on and be challenged, while at the same time acquiring information about your branding. Unfortunately, only a few organisations that specialize in web design in Singapore follow this principle; most do it out of the second principle of “need.”

2) A need

After satisfying the “want” category, audiences also want something that they need or something that is useful. Although it may be less exciting, you might be surprised to see that the same rate of responses will be given upon offering something that audiences need. This too can come in the form of a gift upon completing the given action. The advantage of this is that it can limit the pool of your audience to those who are interested in the industry or field that you are in.

Satisfying a specific need also allows your brand to shine as people associate a need to your brand. Once this is done, your consumers may proceed on to other needs and hope that you are able to satisfy them.

3) To wear

All of us obviously wear clothing. However, some of us like to differentiate ourselves from others by wearing differently. Clothing, although is just a piece of cloth, carries different levels of significance depending on the brand attached to it and people’s perception of the brand. Relating to the above, upon completing a given task, the reward can come in the form of a T-shirt. With your brand ingrained in it, this might also convert your customer into a brand advocate and allows for “word-of-mouth marketing.” This category can also be combined with something they need; for example, you could give away clothing that caters to needs and demands of a given job.

4) To read

Books, reports, and information still draw people’s attention. Knowledge influences people’s perceptions, interests, and wants. Thus, think carefully on what kind of information you would want your audience to have, especially those interested in your specific industry or field. Additionally, valuable knowledge gives your website credibility and calls for people to visit it again.


We All Like Gifts

Gifts and rewards are amongst the core motivator of behaviour. However, a successful marketing campaign involves more than just giving freebies; technical knowledge and creative expertise are at times needed to develop a successful website. Thus, do not be afraid to consult a digital marketing agency to assist you in developing a website to meet your business plans.

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