Theories That Explain How Your Users Rate Your Website’s UX

When it comes to web design in Singapore, there is one important thing that you must never forget and that…

When it comes to web design in Singapore, there is one important thing that you must never forget and that is user experience.

As you build a site for your business, always put in mind that personalized user experience is important. Do you want to increase the usability of your site? Do you want to provide an excellent user experience? Read the rest of the article to learn more about theories that explain how users rate your website’s user experience.

Face Perception

One of the most effective ways to make users more interested on your e-commerce website is to use photos or images that have a human touch. As much as possible, use visual content that shows faces of certain people. Make sure that you know how to choose these photos as it has the capacity to make or break your site. For example, if your site is all about products for the kids, then uploading images of a family or of kids can be a nice idea.

Psychology of Colors

Another thing that you have to do is to understand the psychology of colors. Are you aware that there are people who associate their emotions or feelings with certain colors? Your goal here is to find the right hues or colors that will be used in your site’s design. Take for example the color green which is usually associated with nature or the environment. It can also be called as the color of harmony or calmness.

The Isolation Effect

You can also use the Isolation Effect. Have you ever noticed that when something is different from all the rest, it usually stands out? This is called the isolation effect. People can easily notice something that is unusual, rare or odd. Hence, if you want to highlight a particular item on your e-commerce site, then make sure that you know how to isolate that from the rest. If it’s an image, then use black and white or upload it in full dimension. If it’s a text, you can change the font size or font color.

Indeed, owning and maintaining an e-commerce website is quite difficult. There are some processes that are so complicate that will only make your head ache. However, there is still something that you can do about it. Find a professional who knows the basics of web design. Lucky for you, there are several firms in the country that specialize in web design and development.

In choosing the firm to hire, make sure to look at their portfolio. Make some inquiries first before hiring its team of professionals. It is highly recommended that you check the websites that they have done before. This is the best way to determine whether their designers are really good in what they do.

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