Top 15 most Expensive AdWords Keywords

Preparing a concise list of the most expensive keywords to bid from will help you to devise a proper budgeting…

Top-15-most-Expensive-AdWords-KeywordsPreparing a concise list of the most expensive keywords to bid from will help you to devise a proper budgeting plan for your AdWords marketing campaign. However, before starting an AdWords campaign, you need to identify who your ideal customer is and where to find them. The process can be quite complex, involving and tricky when you decide to tackle it by yourself because it involves data interpretation.

Nonetheless, a SEM company in Singapore can help you to establish the potential buyers, as well as how to design an effective AdWords campaign that works well with your product and your site.

But first, is Your Website Built to Keep Audiences?

AdWords are very effective that’s why Google makes over $100 million each day from selling ads alone. So you can be sure of a surge in traffic to your website when you start using them. It is advisable to engage in web design services in Singapore to first rework on your landing pages, and redesign the site to ensure the customers don’t leave unceremoniously.

On the other hand, if your ads are not optimized and designed to deliver results you can end up losing money in your campaigns. Thus to avoid that, there’s a lot you need to know about AdWord campaigns.

Below is a list of top 15 most expensive AdWord keywords you should be aware:

  1. Business services- $58.64 per click (pc)
  2. Bail Bonds- $58.48 pc
  3. Business Software- $41.12 pc
  4. Casino- $55.48 pc
  5. Health and medical services- $46.84 pc
  6. Hair Transplant- $31.37 pc
  7. Insurance- $48.41, pc
  8. Lawyer- $54.86 pc
  9. Payday loans & money services- $48.18 pc
  10. Plumber- $39.19 pc
  11. Restoration and cleanup services $47.61 pc
  12. Rehabilitation services- $46.14 pc
  13. Timeshare- $42.13 pc
  14. Termites- $38.88 pc
  15. Online Gambling- $32.84 pc

Are you wondering why these keywords are that pricey? Well, there are two main reasons, and it is important to master them when working with your SEM Company in Singapore to ensure your AdWord campaign is logical budget-wise.

  1. New and lifetime customer value

AdWords has the potential of bringing in new audiences. And when you have engaged in professional web design services in Singapore, you can turn your guests into lifetime customers. For instance, if you are a business software vendor or a casino operator you can earn more and for a long time on a single client.

  1. Prompt issues that need fixing

If you are selling emergency services such as termite treating or dental work, geo-targeted AdWords will work excellently for you. It is also guaranteed that you will earn much more from a single client compared to the ad costs.

Places Where Your AdWords Would Appear

You have two major networks you can decide to run your campaigns on, which include:

  1. The Search Network, and
  2. Display Network

So what is a search network? This is a collection of search engines, which brings up search results when a keyword is typed into the search box. Google is the biggest search engine, but it also works with a significant number of search engine partners. Now, what is the relationship between the search network and your campaign? Well, if your Adwords are perfectly focused, the name of your product and services are likely to show up in the search box when a customer begins to type in a particular keyword.

On the same mechanism, the display network is where your ads would appear on 1000s of highly potential sites set aside as Google Display Network to display paid Google ads.

AdWord Keyword Costs

AdWords offers control over your advertising costs. You can set an average budget to spend daily as well as choose how the cash should be spent. There is no fixed cost for AdWords. The price that you have to pay per click is dependent on the keyword relevancy, and how many people advertise through it.

The bottom line is, don’t fret at the cost of AdWords because the value that you get in return is greater.

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