Web Design Tip: Choose the Right Colors for a More Effective Website

Internet users these days have very little patience and will leave a website in a second if they do not…

Choose-the-Right-Colors-for-a-More-Effective-WebsiteInternet users these days have very little patience and will leave a website in a second if they do not like what they see. Hence, it is essential to have a website that will entice visitors to stay long enough to explore the site and make them want to return. However, this means that the website needs to have an effective web page design which includes things such as layout, typeface, images as well as colours.

The Importance of Colours

The colours used by a company can have either a positive or negative impact on the website’s success as an online marketing strategy or tool. Using too many loud clashing colours may drive away potential customers as it might cause your website to be hard to look at. On the other hand, using only neutral tones will make your site bland and easily forgettable.

The color combination that a company uses for its logo and brand are carefully chosen to not only make it recognizable and easier to recall but also to depict the identity and image they want to project. This is the same for a website. After all, colors, in general, are associated with particular emotions or descriptions. For instance:

  • Blue is associated with dependability, depth, trustworthiness, and professionalism.
  • Red is deemed as the color for urgency, excitement, boldness, desire, and strength.
  • Green is for peace, nature, growth, freshness, harmony, and optimism. It is used to help people relax.
  • Black is classic and depicts elegance, sophistication, mystery, and formality.


Tips on Choosing Colors for a Website

Here are some tips that businesses can use when choosing the colors for their website design:

  • Consider the product or service. The website colors should reflect what the company is offering as well as the gender, age, emotions, and personality of their target market.
  • Consider the image the company wants to project. The business needs to know how colors affect emotions and use them accordingly. For example, orange is effective for calls to action in online marketing.

These are only some tips that can help a business narrow down their color options.

If you have a website or are planning to have one but are not sure which color scheme would be most effective for your business, call Subzero Lab at +65 8188 5159 or drop us a line at wow@subzerolab.sg. Our team of web designers and developers can help you choose not just the right colors for your company but also the most attractive layout, typeface combinations, images, and more.

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