7 Points To Note When Registering For a Domain Name

Any company that wants to be easily found over the internet should think carefully about the name it will use…

7-Points-When-Registering-a-Domain-NameAny company that wants to be easily found over the internet should think carefully about the name it will use for its website. Why? Not only does a good domain help in providing recognition and identification for you, but also in visibility and recall. Therefore, even before starting the process of corporate or ecommerce web development, a business owner should already plan and acquire a relevant domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the label of an internet resource or a collection of resources that is registered in the Domain Name System (DNS). It is more commonly known as the name of a website.

To clarify, the domain name is not the same as the web address or URL (Uniform Source Locator) although they may seem quite similar. This site, for example, has the domain name subzerolab.sg, but the URL of its main page is https://subzerolab.sg/ . Other pages on this website like https://subzerolab.sg/8-reasons-why-businesses-need-digital-marketing/ and https://subzerolab.sg/portfolio/ have their own URLs but they still fall under the company’s domain name.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

For businesses operating in Singapore, it is important for them to choose a domain name that can be positively incorporated into its identity and reputation. Here are some points that one needs to remember:

  • Think branding. Just like choosing a business name, a domain name has to be one that would build the company’s image. It has to be memorable yet unique.
  • Google it. Google Search is a good place to start to see if a domain name is seen in popular sites like Wikipedia. If it does, it means that the company has to compete with those big names in search results. You want to avoid that.
    Businesses should also find out if any term they intend to use has a negative connotation that can hurt their reputation.
  • Check its history. A careful search on the history of a domain name can reveal if it has been used before. It might have expired due to any number of reasons, such as having been banned by Google due to some black hat SEO practices that the former owner has used.
  • Check for trademarks and copyrights. Using a trademarked or copyrighted name can cause legal problems, so it is best to avoid it. Steering away from similar used words will also help to prevent confusion and it prevents your domain name from being associated with another entity.
  • Make it indicative of the company’s business. Companies can certainly use their corporate names, but they can consider using domain names that indicate what their business is about. Including a keyword as well as the location can be helpful in targeting a specific market. Undoubtedly, you could get an ecommerce web development team to assist you with creating effective domain names.
  • Simplify. It is more effective to use a simple name instead of a complicated one. Make it short, easy to type, and easy to remember. It should also be easy to pronounce to improve customers’ recall. Try to avoid numbers, hyphens, and names that people might spell differently.
  • Register multiple versions of the domain name. Companies can register multiple versions of their respective domain names. They can also consider alternate names as suggested by the domain registrar. They do not have to create new websites for each domain, but simply route visitors to their site.

Remember that a domain name is an integral part of a business’s online presence. At Subzero Lab, we can help you by finding the best domain name options for your company’s digital real estate.

To find out more about our Singapore website development services, call 8188 5159 or email us at wow@subzerolab.sg.

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