Website Redesign Tip: Be On the Lookout for These Mistakes

Companies often decide to redesign their respective websites in order to draw in more traffic, increase their conversion rate, and/or…

Website-Redesign-Tip-Be-On-the-Lookout-for-These-MistakesCompanies often decide to redesign their respective websites in order to draw in more traffic, increase their conversion rate, and/or to meet the needs of their growing business. This is no small task, and any web designer in Singapore would attest to that, especially if the website already contains a lot of information and data. Due to the large workload, it is easy for web designers to end up making small mistakes that may later impact the company.

Consequently, this article seeks to provide the factors to consider before redesigning a business website.

Not Setting Up Goals

Goal setting should always be done before redesigning a business website. The company has to first identify what they want to achieve as the web design and content should support the goals set in place.

Not having specific goals or strategies would only result in disorientation of content and design, thus wasting the resources that were invested into the project.

Pausing Analytics

Speaking of ecommerce web design and development, many make the mistake of thinking that ecommerce web design is all about making the website look good. They might have overlooked the importance of analyzing data, which will actually help them find out what to change and what to keep.

For instance, if an element like a call to action button effectively drives conversion, then it would be wise to keep it. On the other hand, if a website element is not performing, then one has to consider how to improve it.

Also, even if a business website is undergoing a redesign process, the company should still continue gathering data. This is actually a good opportunity to do split testing; to find out what works and what doesn’t in terms of creating engagement and driving conversions.

Stopping the site’s analytics during reconstruction would only mean letting go of the opportunity to see how people are responding to the new features and design.

Ignoring SEO

It goes without saying that search engine optimization (SEO) is important in terms of ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages. Ranking high would mean better visibility, more visits, and more conversions. Thus, SEO should be part of the web redesign process and not only implemented as an add-on.

Simply Migrating Content

While it is good to bring old content to the newly redesigned website, it is also not advisable to simply dump everything into the business’s new digital space. Part of the redesign process is to decide ahead of time what pages and which content to include while staying flexible. This also means planning how to make the content visually appealing and easy to scan — it should have the right balance of text, white space, images, and headings. Consistency should be ensured.

Not Redirecting Old Links

Some pages on a newly redesigned website are given new URLs, this means that the old links would be broken unless the company has set up a redirect. For instance, if the old Contact Us page is ‘’ but the old page is ‘’, then the company should automatically take visitors to the new page should they insist to stick to the old URL. Ignoring this could mean a hit in rankings and also result in negative user experience, thus this should be considered during the ecommerce web design and development process.

Redesigning a website requires a collaborative effort among many departments, including the management, the sales and marketing team, and the developers. At Subzero Lab, we can work with you to avoid these mistakes as discussed. Our team of web designers in Singapore can help identify your goals and build your brand’s image online according to your specifications. Call us at +65 8188 5159 or send an email to so that we can discuss your project.

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