8 Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Developing A Website

Having a website has become a necessity for most businesses. It is a front door that can spell success or…

 8-Critical-Mistakes-To-Avoid-When-Developing-A-WebsiteHaving a website has become a necessity for most businesses. It is a front door that can spell success or failure because not only does it expand your audience, but can also be a tool to boost business growth. Also, an effective website allows you to compete with bigger businesses and can make it possible for your company to have a bigger bite out of the competitor’s volume.

Here are some of the most critical mistakes when creating a website and how you can avoid them.

Using a Lot of Typefaces
Using too many fonts for your website can be distracting and confusing to the reader. Carefully select the typeface you would like to use and consider how many should be seen together.
Common Solution: Using fewer fonts can give your website consistency and readability which is an element for a good design.

Wearing Your Keywords Out
Keyword stuffing is one common mistake most companies do. Overuse of keywords is a big no-no because search engines consider it as a black-hat tactic. Most of them, especially Google penalizes websites by demoting them in rankings or having them removed all together.

Common Solution: Strategically place your keywords so they sound natural to the human ear. Use long-tail keyword variations and synonymous words to give a lift to your content.

Having Complicated Call-to-Actions
Most people want to know the next steps when visiting a website. CTA is a portal that funnels your visitors from one phase of the conversation to the next level. Using call-to-action generates revenue or conversion which is what your company initially has in mind.

Common Solution: Create uncomplicated call-to-actions on your website and one that can be done easily with the least possible number of clicks.

Background Music Automatically Playing on Your Site
If you want a professionally done website with high-traffic and visitor retention, never automatically play background music on your site. If music is an integral part of your company, give visitors the option to either play it or not.

Common Solution: Let your visitors choose if they want to hear background music, create a visible button where which can be easily accessed.

Using Stock and Amateur Images
If you want your company website to have an authentic look, it is always better to have professionally done images. Blurry and out of focus pictures will give visitors that impression that you are not bound and determined about your business.

Common Solution: Invest in authentic and professionally done images. You will find that it rewarding if you have great images of your products, services or your team members.

Your Website Overextends its Page Width
Long scrolling websites with great content keep visitors glued on your site longer. However, it is not appropriate to create a website that is extra wide as well as most people are accustomed to scrolling vertically.

Common Solution: If possible, never use the horizontal scrolling option. Only use the vertical ones because people are much more familiar with it.

Overuse of Interactive Messages
Interactive messages make complex workflow simple because they invite visitors to make decisions. Do not flood your website with interactive messages though because they can be distracting.

Common Solution: Using lightboxes can be a good way to avoid distractions while at the same time achieving the objective of your website and your company.

Divulging All Info on Your Homepage
While it can be good to inform your visitors about your products and services, divulging too much information on a single page can be a huge mistake. Just stick to the core points and create links so visitors stay longer to find out more.

Common Solution: Creating links so visitors can explore your website is an effective way to keep traffic while at the same time maintaining repeat visitors.

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