How To Lower Bounce Rate On Your Website

Digital marketing involves gathering various data to assess how effective a website is at attracting and engaging visitors. One of…

how-to-lower-bounce-rate-on-your-websiteDigital marketing involves gathering various data to assess how effective a website is at attracting and engaging visitors. One of the metrics that marketers study is bounce rate. This is the percentage of a site’s one-page visits, computed by dividing [the number visitors who leave the site after seeing only one page] by [the total number of visits] within a specified time frame. By using this information, they can assess how effective some of their strategies are at capturing the interest of potential customers.

A low bounce rate means that the website is able to keep visitors interested; to stick and visit other pages in the website. This equates to increased chances of generating leads and converting visitors to become paying customers.

A website’s high bounce rate, on the other hand indicates the need for the website to improve on the followings:


Design is the first thing that users engage with when they land on a website, which includes colors, fonts, images, and overall layout. This also include ads, notifications, and videos, all of which can influence a visitor’s first impression. Users are likely to leave if they find aspects of the overall design to be unpleasant such as clashing colors, walls of text, or auto-play ads.

Therefore, it is important for a website to have a clean layout with just the right balance of text, blank spaces, and images or videos. The colors and fonts need to be pleasant to the eyes. Lastly, there should be easy-to-find navigation buttons and calls to action.

Visitors go to a particular website because they expect to find the information they are looking for, and they usually do this by scanning a page. If they do not immediately find what they need, it is likely that they will click away to look for another site.

The solution for this is to use headings, bullets, numbering and other formatting to make it easy to find the right information. The content has to be relevant, informative, engaging, and free of fluff. One of the best practice is to post new content regularly to keep readers coming back for more.

So now your website has an excellent combination of design and content, however, if it does not target the right crowd, your website will not be an effective marketing platform for the business. You end up attracting users who get onto your site and leave because the information provided is just not for them.

To solve this, the business has to check on the keywords they use. Also, the language and design have to be in line with the business and its target market. For instance, the webpage of a fine dining restaurant should look and sound different from a fast food chain webpage.

At Subzero lab, we know how important each visitor is, so we help to minimize bounce rate as much as possible. In addition, we design engaging web pages that pique people’s interest, thus encouraging them to explore other pages within the website. We do this by:

  • Understanding the target audience.
  • Designing the website to create a good first impression.
  • Finding the right keywords to target the right market.
  • Making sure the website offers a good user-experience.

We have a team of expert web developers with years of experience in CMS web design. We create websites that complement our clients’ goals of attracting and engaging visitors, which, in turn, can lead to more sales.

For enquiries on our website development services, please contact us at 8188 5159 or email us at

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