Can ugly websites still work well online

While a beautiful website is something to die for, the issue that we will be tackling is: is it really…

Can-ugly-websites-still-work-well-onlineWhile a beautiful website is something to die for, the issue that we will be tackling is: is it really necessary to have a beautiful website? The question that might be on your mind is: can I still function with a ugly website?

What makes an ugly website? Say you are a web developer but designing is not your cup of tea, to make it worse the designer you heavily rely on is suddenly not available. Since you are out of options, you may decide to do it all alone. With no professional photography, a unorganized layout or a simplistic design, your website may be termed “ugly” by other companies that offer professional web design services in Singapore. Is all hope lost? Not at all, who said ugly websites have no chance to compete with the pretty ones? Learn how to drive traffic to an ugly website here:

Offer great user experience

User experience or UX is simply everything in attracting your users. Search engines such as Google use algorithms to rank sites on the internet. Rank brain to be specific is what Google uses for ranking and it does not really pay attention to the beauty of your website. Instead it considers UX, resources you provide, data, services and products. This tells you where to focus on when creating content for your website. Ensure your site is user-friendly by providing useful content, reducing the number of clicks and make content easy to read for your users. Users will surely appreciate it. If you do this, you will be on your way to getting huge traffic.

Less is more

A huge mistake that most web developers make is to load their sites with way too much content. You may think this is the way to go but it is not. It is better to have less content, but quality content, as having much low quality content will engage your users less. Assess the content on your site and discard those with poor engagement, only retain the good ones.

Mobile first vs mobile responsive

Just because you have an ugly website doesn’t mean you cannot upgrade your website to a mobile friendly one. What does mobile friendly website mean? It refers that your site is not only accessible through the mobile but also has good user engagement. There are two things to be considered here; mobile first and mobile responsive. Most people have mobile phones thus the demand for sites accessible on these devices has raised too. So which is more important? Mobile first or mobile responsive? Mobile first means your website is tailor made for mobile users. Mobile responsive websites on the other hand, are adjustable to mobile phones due to their flexibility. Whichever you go for be sure you will be responding to your consumer needs. In the long run it will pay off with more sales. You better give it a try.

Once you consider all these key areas, you are indeed one step ahead. Ugly or not, your users will be flocking to your site because you have their interest at heart. With your consumers satisfied, be sure you will reach your competitors and leave them behind at a safe distance.

If you need assistance on your web structure, content or your digital marketing strategies, we are a specialized SEM agency, and we are more than happy to assist you.

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