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This is part 1/3 of our comprehensive guide for…



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This is part 1/3 of our comprehensive guide for understanding the cost and factors of web design in Singapore. Web design prices can vary widely depending on (1) the service provider, (2) the type of website needed and (3) type of CMS or custom coding used.

For a basic multi-page website, agencies may charge between $1000 to $4000 while freelancers may charge as low as $300. Why do web design service prices vary to this extent? Are Singapore web development agencies worth the additional premium costs? Read our blog post to find out about the pros and cons of web design agencies as opposed to freelancers.

Should I engage a Web Design Agency or a Freelance Web Designer?



The cost of your website can vary depending on your choice of using a web design agency or a freelance web designer. They each have their pros and cons which some users may prefer over the other. The choice here ultimately boils down to the needs and the purpose of the website.

The pros of web design agencies are:

(1) Efficiency is one of the driving factors that enable web design agencies to manage projects such as website design and infrastructure set up. Where a project has several moving parts, a web design agency can assign multiple personnel to handle each task simultaneously. As such, your website is tackled with greater efficiency, allowing for its completion within tight timelines.

(2) Communication plays a crucial part in creating an efficient and effective website. Agencies usually have standardised communication protocols and briefs that incorporate best communication practices. This typically results in smooth exchanges with the client and consequently a smooth work flow.

(3) Experience is arguably the most important factor in choosing a partner to design your website. In this aspect, web design agencies normally have much more experienced personnel or veterans in web design as opposed to freelancers. Furthermore, they are aided by complimentary teams such as digital marketers and project managers.

(4) Accountability is important when you require updates and reports on your website’s development. Web design agencies assign individual project managers to accounts, allowing you to have a single point of contact.  Additionally, these project managers are skilled in project communication and client liaison services. As such, you will find a higher level of professionalism in your exchanges.

The cons of web design agencies are:

(1) Cost is usually the concern of many people when it comes to deciding on a web design agency. Although prices for services required by clients varies, they are generally higher than that of freelancers due to the coverage of extra internal operational costs.

(2) Lack of Flexibility can be observed relative to that of freelance web designers. Flexibility is most frequently observed in the scope of the project. Agencies do offer a high level of customisation for a project according to the needs of the client. However, they are likely to follow a core development philosophy, and are unlikely to stray too far from it as project margins would be erased in doing so.

The pros of engaging a freelance web designer are:

(1) Cost is a major factor why people prefer to hire a freelance web designer over a web agency. Without organizational and operation costs, freelancers are able to offer lower prices than agencies. Additionally, freelancers tend to be a jack of all trades, capable of flexing over multiple roles. This differs from agencies where specialists work in teams to deliver a website. 

(2) Excellent Individual Relationship can be achieved with freelance web designers as compared to web design agencies. It is unlikely that you will be able to forge individual relationships with each of the team members assigned from the agency to your account. Furthermore, the person in charge of your account in the agency may change from time to time. On the other hand, the relationship with the freelancer is relatively fixed.

(3) Adaptability can be a plus point for freelancers as the flexibility they possess allows them to cater to your schedule. In contrast, agencies largely have official working hours and are likely have work commitments to other clients.

The cons of engaging a freelance web designer are:

(1) Lack of Accountability can be a potential drawback of engaging a freelance web designer. Since a single individual is in-charge of the whole project, any sickness of injury to the freelancer could lead to significant delays in the project. This is important for business projects with tight deadlines where accountability is very much needed.

(2) Lack of resources could be a possible concern for freelancers depending on their prior experience. If your project has tight deadlines, then the hiring of additional manpower may become a necessity.

Make Your Choice

Now that you have a clearer understanding through these comparisons, you can make an informed choice between a web design agency and a freelance web designer.

Last but not least, remember this! Before making any decisions, you should always DAB:

a. Do a basic background check on the web designer or agency

b. Ask for portfolios and pricing

c. Be comfortable with the rates and suggestions given

Choose Subzero Lab as your Web Design Partner

Subzero Lab is a web design Singapore agency with more than 10 years experience. Our web development team provides mobile responsive websites that are both intuitive and attractive to users. As a premier web design agency, we pride ourselves on providing sound advice to clients and effective project management.

That is all for our 1st of 3 blog entries on the cost of web design in Singapore. Keep a look out for part 2 of our comprehensive guide.

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