How to capture your customers’ attention online

Business owners, especially those who want to be competitive in their respective markets, are likely to have already realized how…

How-to-capture-your-customers%u2019-attention-onlineBusiness owners, especially those who want to be competitive in their respective markets, are likely to have already realized how important it is to have an online presence. This is because many potential customers these days search the internet for information about companies and their products before they decide to make a purchase. Therefore, it is important to have a website, but it can’t be just any website – it has to be one that is able to grab the attention of users within a few seconds upon viewing it. And that is why increasingly, more and more companies are willing to invest heavily on effective WordPress website design services offered in the market.

Consumers on the web tend to be impatient and they will only stay on a page if the content and visual components are able to capture their interest. And even if you have managed to capture their attention, more often than not, they are likely to only browse through the content quickly and speed-read through it. If they find a website disappointing, uninformative, boring, or too tedious to read, they will simply click away and find another site to browse.


How to Capture People’s Attention

There are different techniques that business owners can use in order to grab and keep their website visitors interested or coming back for more. Here are some of them:

· Address people’s needs.

People search the web for information usually because they want their questions answered or they want their problems to be addressed. When they make a search for products and services, it is often because they want a solution, such as a more effective website, an easier way to gain a better body, a place to go on vacation, and so on. Therefore, when one is building a business website, it is wise to focus on the customers rather than simply listing down the features of the company’s products or services. For instance, rather than saying that a spa has great ambience, one could focus on how customers can relax and unwind because of the ambience that the spa provides.

Another marketing strategy that one can use is comparison, such as comparing the “before” and “after”. For example, a company can show images of a customer’s or model’s body before and after using their health product – better skin, leaner body, more active lifestyle, etc. An interior designer can show how an old house was before it was revamped into its new look.

· Touch on their emotions.

If one pays attention to advertisements on TV, billboards, and magazines, they will notice that many of these marketing efforts touch on the emotions of consumers. A fast food chain focuses on family bonding, a car brand focuses on sense of achievement, and a mobile phone emphasizes relationships, and so on. These are usually the ones that people remember for a longer period of time.

Thus, when designing a website, use powerful images matched with a interesting content. This requires planning and brainstorming, but when done properly, it can be very effective in capturing attention and aiding recall. Remember to make each word and each image count.

· Pay attention to layout.

Having a uniform layout across pages is important since it gives visitors the feeling that they are still in the same website. Fonts, images, colors, and the general design need to be consistent in order for people to develop familiarity of the brand. However, this does not mean stiff and boring. On the contrary, the layout, when used to its full potential, can be a powerful tool in grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Walls of text are a no-no, and too much clutter is also not recommended. Instead, one should put in the right balance of text, images, and blank spaces. Put emphasis on important points and support this with well-chosen photographs.

Also, the structure of a web page’s content should be sequential so it will make more sense to people. Normally, it starts with the value proposition (introduction), the sales copy (the product or service), and the call to action (what the potential customers should do next, i.e., buy, subscribe, become a member, and so on).

· Use images and infographics.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and web designers know that carefully chosen images are powerful in helping to build a website. Photos, for instance:

  • are effective in grabbing people’s attention.
  • can convey a message without words.
  • can evoke emotions and responses.
  • give people a view of products they are interested in.

Similarly, infographics are more interesting to view and read. They are easier to scan compared to walls of text. They help a writer to emphasize the important points, and the message is presented clearly.

Each image, when properly positioned, breaks the monotony, perks up a webpage, and serves to supplement the text. However, photos should be used wisely since it can also be overwhelming when too much is used. Also, it is better to use professional photos taken specifically for the business’s purpose rather than using stock images.

Fonts and colors should also be chosen to match the impression the company wants people to have of their product or service. For instance, kiddie fonts and pastel colors do not exactly suit a law firm’s or a construction company’s website.

There are also factors “behind the scenes” that a business owner should pay attention to, such as loading speed and mobile friendliness. Many potential sales can be lost if a website is too slow or does not appear properly on mobile devices.

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