Online Web Trends You Need To Know

The universal nature of the internet and web is a fast-changing space as technology and development techniques need to constantly…

Online-web-trends-you-need-to-knowThe universal nature of the internet and web is a fast-changing space as technology and development techniques need to constantly be up to date. While so many sites seem to stay same, developers are trying hard to branch out into something new. With studies that show that website visitors start to judge a website’s reliability within the first milliseconds, therefore, spiking their interest to make a lasting first impression is absolutely essential. To get it done, these timely design trends could be the thing you may need.

Let us have a look what design innovations can give your website a major facelift in 2017.


They say if you want to understand the trend today, you have to first search what was there yesterday. UX or user experience, better devised by Don Norman has been a timeless design rooting its way back in the ancient 90’s. From Toyota to the very first design of personal computers, all focus is on human interaction. So, what’s next? With the birth and popularity of smartphone which has increased the enhancement and improvement of user experience design, it has now developed voice control. Siri, the first apple personal digital assistance is an intelligent phone tech which not only recognizes voice but can actually converse with users and give witty replies. This has given rise to Amazon echo, ivee talking alarm clock and message and email writer dragon drive in cars. I bet 2017 will leave us jaw-dropping with more UX improvement. If you are looking for insights on how to improve your web design in Singapore this year, this is a good to spot to start from.

User testing

In order to have better performances of your web, you need to know how people are using it. User testing is used to evaluate how easy a web is to use, which will help majorly in uncovering potential user experience problems. Unlike the traditional testing where it is done by a developer him/herself, user testing takes place with actual users eliminating biases since feedback is direct.

In 2017, the trendy design in user testing focuses on the use of videos when engaging consumers which track not only eyes but also their emotions. Imagine what you can achieve from this? First of all, you will be able to know what your consumers expect from you and put your time and resources to it. Secondly and most importantly, you can restore the smile on your consumers’ faces by providing them with solutions.


Prototyping is among the crucial steps in the design process. Prototypes can be anything, from a set of sketches to the perfect picture design. Showing is always better than telling as they say. Ideas can, therefore, be translated and understood by creating an experience through the magic of design. Prototype tools assist in solving design problems before writing a single line code. Sketch and Photoshop tools, on the other hand, can be used by web designers to create absolutely good designs without delving into coding. How easy can it get? Not to forget that there are e-commerce web development services out there that are ready to give you a hand to make your life easier.

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